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Some Musicological, Orchestra, Reference Score, and Vocal Score listings are given without prices; they are intended to indicate only the contents and range of publications available.

For current prices, please call  (800) 225-3197 or (800) 525-8559 (toll-free in the United States and Canada) or (413) 458-8131.

Broude Brothers Limited is a publisher, importer and dealer of printed classical music specializing in musicological editions, reprints, and facsimiles; orchestra materials; and scores, including study, miniature, and vocal scores.

Broude Brothers believes that customers can make best use of our staff’s expertise in viva voce contact. We therefore encourage ordering orchestra music by telephone, a process that we have found provides the best way for our staff to understand each customer’s needs.

Consistent with this policy, Broude Brothers’ website offers no facilities for online purchasing. Customers telephoning Broude Brothers may be assured that we maintain no automated answering system; all calls are taken by live people, and customers speak with knowledgeable staff rather than with all-purpose “customer service associates.”

Customers in the Western Hemisphere, British Isles, Asia, and the Pacific may place orders by telephone at (800) 225-3197 or (800) 525-8559 (both toll-free in the United States and Canada) or (413) 458-8131; by fax at (413) 458-5242; or by email at Our office hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Eastern time, Monday-Friday.

Customers in Continental Europe and Ireland are referred to Broude Europa.